Canada ◦ ○ ◦ Matthew Williams (mapleterre) wrote in universal_high,
Canada ◦ ○ ◦ Matthew Williams

The Things You Find While Walking

Who: mapleterre, notlittlerussia, and whoever wants to bump into Canada.
*peter_kirkland added!
What: Wandering school grounds, prefect/discipline committee work. The usual.
When: Present time.
Where: Anywhere on school grounds you like!
Warnings: First person, cause the coin flip said so! Thread intro isn't very first per though.

[Matthew roamed the halls, with no bear in his arms, on one of his routine walks to make sure no one was causing trouble and helping those who needed assistance. The air was cool, and the sun's rays were at such warm temperature that he felt like taking a nap. But he can't!... maybe another time... But for now, he had to continue on with his duties.]

{*For Ukraine thread*}
[After a bit more aimless wandering, he heard a noise coming from the school garden. With a sense of urgent curiousity, he ran toward the direction of the sound. Stopping, he looked around at a fast pace.]

Did something go wrong here!?

Tags: !logs, canada, sealand, ukraine, ~first person
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