Italia Romano - Lovino Vargas (italiamacino) wrote in universal_high,
Italia Romano - Lovino Vargas

[ Mod Note ]

Okay, I'm lazy to switch accounts so deal.


Ads go out tomorrow.
New posts will be posted up between today and tomorrow.
Posts will include class details, committee/club details, available Nation-tans, etc.

Also, finally decided that all characters will be Nation-tans now. But don't worry! You won't have to re-put your apps or anything like that.

Basically the only difference in apps is that the History section now will be written as though as a background of the nation as a country instead of a human. Many already have done this in the past so I figured it'd be fine. It also gives me a better idea how well someone knows the nation they're applying for.

The plot now is basically the Nations are undercover at a special school that deals with Foreign Relations to better the world. Humans will be attending this school (though they aren't playable characters). So most nations will already know one another based on past history. Hopefully this will help in communication between characters.

I'll make sure to fine tune some things by tomorrow for you all. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. <3
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