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Universal High School
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A High School themed RPG for the manga Axis Powers Hetalia
+ Universal High School +

Just off the East Coast of both Canada and the US lies a small Island in the shape of a bell. Claimed under no country it was decided by the Countries of the world that this Island (named Liberty Bell) would be used to help strengthen international relationships world wide.

Thus after 5 years of hard work and effort the small island bustles every day with people from around the world living their every day lives. When the Countries notice how well the Island turned out they all agree to go under cover as both students and teachers at the local High School as a way to show their people that they can get along just as well as their own people now living on the tiny island.


Universal High is an RPG for the series Axis Power Hetalia in which the players take on the roles of countries living a day-to-day life as High School students and teachers. It is a canon and fanon friendly RPG that also supports het, yaoi, and yuri relationships.

All students and teachers use a system of journals (such as a livejournal) to communicate to one another. Most roleplaying logs are done in third person/paragraph format though we do allow DR/first person format as well.


+ Beware applying for a character please be sure to check the rules and characters page. If you have any questions be sure to check the FAQ page or contact the mod. +


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