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3/4/09 07:38 pm - libertymod - [Event - 004]

The Winter Festival has begun. A week long celebration to that of the season of winter. Students are released by noon all week to be able to participate in the week long celebrations whether it's watching/participating in the parade down town or going to the fair grounds where the main celebrations are occuring every day once the sun has gone down.

While visiting the Fair Grounds the students may fine a variety of food shops to try various tastes from around the world, or perhaps they might enjoy the ice sculptures created for the yearly contest at the Festival. Finally the rides provided for entertainment should keep them pretty busy and to end each day is a beautiful firework display available.

All students and teachers are encouraged to participate at the Festival whether just helping out around or simply enjoying themselves.

May you all enjoy yourselves~

2/21/09 09:53 pm - freedomfriez - A little time down on the town~

Who: Alfred freedomfriez and Arthur arthur_k_sama
What: Goin' out for some drinks and some fun to take away those blues~
When: 9 PM [February 21st] (if needed, backdating will be done)
Where: Bellalight Nightclub
Warnings: Drinking! And probably some other stuff, too, if drinking ends up turning into 'drunken idiots'... or 'weepy Arthur'

I've been here before, and I don't care where I'm goin~Collapse )

2/20/09 05:41 pm - georgiavardo - Languages 001.

Who: georgiavardo and everyone who's taking languages...
What: Language classes!
When: Anytime the student has class.
Where: Classroom
Warnings: Please make sure your computer are set to be able to see the different languages (especially the Asian ones) before entering...

CuttttCollapse )

2/20/09 09:33 pm - libertymod - [ Mod Note ]

What? I'm alive! See?~ Okay, updated the add/remove list. Characters that have dropped/removed are as follows:

- Mongolia
- Switzerland
- Sweden
- Poland
- Norway
- Translyvania (*As per AC rules)

Also, all applications are on hold right now (yes I know there's three of them right now). The reason for this is us mods are trying to decide on some things. Currently the character limit has been reduced to 1 Fanon and 2 Canon due to complaints about so many Fanon characters. If you do not meet this criteria, don't worry!~ You're still good. We're just putting this in now for future people. Could this affect any applications currently on hold? Yes. It depends on the player though.

Why are we implementing this? Many have complained about the amount of OCs being applied for. I like OC's just as much as the next, but it is getting out of control. I would like to see more Canon characters (hence the 2 Canon rule). The problem with the older rule was that people could technically apply for up to 6 players and that was way too many. Three is a decent level and this way we can check on activity.

It's been agreed though that if you applied for a character and are dropped due to activity you will not be allowed to apply again. Does this mean I'm going to keep track over every app? No. But if I do recongnize someone applying for the same character again it won't be allowed. You can try to apply for a different one instead.

I hope people are enjoying the current event (it'd be nice to see more people participating) and I will have a new event up this weekend for everyone to play with.

Now, here's a question I have for you all. I do notice many on AIM at times or MSN. I also know that not everyone goes to the IRC either. Would any of you be upset if people made random MSN/AIM chats for everyone to just have fun talking in? Just so people can get use to having communications with others and the like. That and I want to tackle more of you but I'm not sure if it'd be welcomed or not.

As a final note I moved a few people around in the Dorms. Not many, just a couple upper years. This is to make it where those that dropped won't affect activity too much. It's best to assume this people simply left for some reason. If a player picks them up they will NOT be expected to follow off the pervious person's ways, but it's good to still look over those. That's why we tag logs and the like.

That's it for now. Expect random updates this weekend. <3
-Lovimod out.

2/19/09 11:47 pm - mansae - You will all pretend this isn't late

Who Katya/notlittlerussia and Yong Soo/mansae)
What Dinner date on Valentine's Day
When Saturday evening before the dance, after Katya has prepped at Elizaveta's room
Where East Wing; First Floor; Room 105
Warnings Fluff, boob crushing, pigging out/stuffing like a turkey

Ukraine smells like daisies! :DCollapse )


2/18/09 04:14 pm - ichbinderlehrer - Anatomy and Biology -- #1

Who:  ichbinderlehrer  and anybody who wants to take one of his classes.
What: Anatomy and Biology
When:  Please reference this post before commenting.
Where: Lab 02
Warnings: Srs teacher is srs.


A pointer smacked the board with a loud sound that would have had the students jumping, startled in their seats.

Attention at the board, please.Collapse )


2/14/09 04:32 pm - alt_for_noreg - Valentine's Day Dance

[ Norway sits in a lonely corner of the room, a cup of warm coffee in his hand. He would normally stay out of such events, but Norway is a romantic, appreciating events and the significant meaning they hold. He is dressed casually in long sleeves and jeans, with a small bag slung over his shoulder. Silently, he keeps a lookout for anyone he is familiar with. ]

[ ooc; THIS LOG IS IN FIRST PERSON because Sweden and I have no time for third-person logs. |D Everyone is free to jump in here, though! ]

2/14/09 11:38 am - lovingdurians - In which the two Asians believe that Western Ghost aren't that scary.

Who : lovingdurians, mansae, anyone else care to join?
What : Friday the 13th Ghost Hunting (a.k.a sneaking to the school's pool)
When : Friday the 13th, a day before Valentine. Right around midnight.
Where : School's pool, library. The log starts in the dorm though.
Warning: Ghost, probably language, to be added later?

I heard Western Ghosts are pretty and transparent..?Collapse )

2/13/09 12:31 am - lizzihedevary - Pre Dance Makeup party!

Who: lizzihedevary and anyone who wants some girl giggling, make up and hair help. Boys and girls both welcome!
What:Pre-Valentine's Party get together for people to get ready for the dance
When:Before the dance of course
Where:Lizzi's Room
Warnings:Makeup and giggly girls

You are going to look great!Collapse )

2/12/09 08:34 pm - libertymod - [ Event - 003 ]

Who: Everyone
What: Valentine's Day Dance
When: February 13th
Where: UHS Ball Room
Warnings: None at this time. Third person.

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