Vash Zwingli // Switzerland (hateforeigners) wrote in universal_high,
Vash Zwingli // Switzerland

Happy Birthday!


mansae && hateforeigners
What: Switzerland brings SKorea chocolate.
When: Korea's birthday.
Where Korea's dorm- West Wing, First Floor, Room 100.
Warnings: ..Gun use?

Somehow, Vash had found himself leaving his nice, comfortable room in the east wing, and heading west. To Im Yong Soo. With chocolate. Naturally, Vash's first instinct was to just abandon the chocolate and shoot Yong Soo instead, but then he remembered that the whole point of his going to this school was to improve international relationships, and anyways his little sister probably wouldn't like it if he did something like that.

Vash didn't really have much chocolate in his room on such short notice, and he wasn't going to make the effort of going out into the city to buy some for somebody as annoying as Im Yong Soo anyways. Also, Liberty Island didn't have any good chocolate. Although, if you asked Vash, the only place that ever had good chocolate was Switzerland. So, Vash had just stuffed whatever chocolate he had left in his mini-fridge in a plastic bag, made a mental note to make some more later (because he hadn't brought chocolate making supplies with him for nothing), grabbed his little white hat, stuffed his gun into his uniform (just in case Yong Soo decided Swiss chocolate was not the best), and headed out.

After a few minutes, Vash arrived at Yong Soo's room, clutching his plastic bag filled with Lindt and Nestle and Toblerone, and knocked on the Korean's door.
Tags: !logs, s. korea, switzerland, ~third person
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