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Warning: Incoming n00b

Who: karaoke_tiem &&, whoever wants to be friends with Philippines? :3
What: Wandering aimlessly where one should be going. Late for class, and the like.
When: Present time.
Where: In the middle of the road somewhere in school, walking in circles.
Warnings: n00bness. Yey.

[And so, Juan has (finally) arrived, carrying his pile of bags, family mementos, agimat*, guitar, karaoke set... you get the point. He came late, missing the morning rites, and so forth. In an attempt to not embarrass himself because of his tardiness on his first day, he decides to wait, hoping someone might see him.

Due to boredom, he starts singing.]

Who will see him, and what would there impression be?

* Agimat = said to be a "lucky charm" of sorts, said to have magical powers that can protect the bearer from monsters, etc.

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Arthur was walking down the corridors of the school to his dorm, books in hands, and slightly bored from his last class. The lecture from his calculus class about wanted to make him fall asleep, he never did enjoy math. As he continued down the hall he heard someone singing. The voice to him sounded male, a very warm and luminous voice he had. He decided to investigate this mysterious voice he heard, running down to the end of the hall. To his surprise, he saw a boy that he had never seen before. He about 15 or 16, and lugging heavy-looking bags and a guitar.

"Need some help?" Arthur asked politely.
Juan turned around to the direction of the voice. It had such a thick British accent that he couldn't make out some of the words, but by the tone of the stranger's voice and the smile on his face, he knew that he meant no harm.

He had been analyzing the stranger too much that he had dropped three [out of seven] bags that he was carrying, spilling most of their contents.

"Ah... Er... Well... Kind of. Hehe..." He scratched the back of his head, embarrassed by his clumsiness.
Arthur took notice of the boy's clumsiness, as the loud sounds the bag made when they fell hurt his ears a bit. His possessions were scattered everywhere, making the scene look like a beautiful mess to him at least. He liked conceptual things like that. The boy reminded him of himself when he was younger, clumsy, but not in the same reckless manner that he was.

"Here, let me help you." he said.

He began to pick up the scattered items, organizing them one by one in piles on the floor, and placing them in the emptied bags accordingly.
He took his bags back, embarrassed by his clumsiness (not to mention his tardiness).

"Th-thank you very much, sir... ah, allow me to introduce myself," he extended his free hand toward this new acquaintance, "my name's Juan," he smiled.
(Sorry it took me so long to reply orz)

Arthur extended his hand towards the boy. "Arth--Arthur Kirkland," he said while slightly blinking, "If it wouldn't be too much, may I inquire where you're headed?"
I've been wondering where you went. xD;;

They shook hands.

"Well actually... I don't know where I'm supposed to go... classes are probably starting...

Which reminds me! Sh-shouldn't you be in class too?"
((Continued from comment below OTL))

"and also... who is that guys over there?" He asked, subconsciously pointing a finger at the newcomer with what seems to be a dog. Realizing that he was pointing a finger at a stranger, he quickly withdrew his hand and scratched the back of his head.

"I-I'm sorry I'm probably asking and talking too much already..."
"N-no! Really, it's not too much!" he nervously exclaimed, "R-really, it's my off period right now, I have plenty of time."

Arthur looked over his shoulder to see what the boy was pointing at, with his deep green eyes peering off into the distance only to see Tino.

"That would be Tino Väinämöinen," he said aloud, "he's from Finland."

(I cannot think of anything more creative than "he's from Finland."?!?!? *Woes* orz)
"Thank you very much." he said as he used both his hands to grab(?) Arthur's, as he kind of shook his hand up and down... except with more gusto

(((OC: Imagine shaking hands with someone. Exaggerate. xD Also, OTL I'm sorry, I don't really know how to describe this... eccentricity. *woe is me*)))

He finally stopped, still holding Arthur's hand, and peeped over and smiled at Tino before looking at Arthur again.

"You see, I don't really know where to start... Ah! If it's not too much, can you help me find my dorm?

((OC: Oh God. I don't really know, but there's something about this reply that annoys me. BAH. I'm sorry, I thin my mind was scattered while writing this, so. Dx))
"You're welcome," he said politely as his hand was being shaken vigorously by the younger boy, feeling a slight state of shock, "I don't mind at all. I know this school inside and out. Here, let me carry a couple of your bags. It appears you're having a bit of trouble."

He motioned to Juan for his bags, unsure if he'd allow him to carry them or not.

"So... what's your dorm number?" he asked.
He gave two of his bags, making sure he gave the lightest ones.

"If you say so... uh." He got a tiny piece of paper from his back pocket.

"Room 201, West Wing."

He was really embarrassed, but tried not to show it.

"What can i do to make it up for him...?" He thought.
Arthur took the bags from Juan and slid then over his shoulder. Then he took his hand turned left, leading him over towards the West Wing.

"What room did you say it was again? 201 I believe?" he asked with his overbearing accent.

"U-uh. Arthur...?" He stuttered.
Meanwhile, Tino decided to take Hana-Tamago out for a walk. It was a nice day outside and he finally had some free time. The last few weeks were pretty busy at school, so he didn't have much time for himself lately.

Walking down the school corridor, he spotted two people. As he got closer, he recognized one of them. It was Arthur. But he's never seen the other boy before.
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[No, I'm glad you told me. ^^]
Juan noticed the newcomer, and, being the curious idiot boy that he was, he pointed a finger at the stranger and inquired Arthur about it.

Afraid that the stranger might have taken that gesture as an offense, he peeped over Arthur to smile at him, almost wanting to ask for an apology.