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Warning: Incoming n00b

Who: karaoke_tiem &&, whoever wants to be friends with Philippines? :3
What: Wandering aimlessly where one should be going. Late for class, and the like.
When: Present time.
Where: In the middle of the road somewhere in school, walking in circles.
Warnings: n00bness. Yey.

[And so, Juan has (finally) arrived, carrying his pile of bags, family mementos, agimat*, guitar, karaoke set... you get the point. He came late, missing the morning rites, and so forth. In an attempt to not embarrass himself because of his tardiness on his first day, he decides to wait, hoping someone might see him.

Due to boredom, he starts singing.]

Who will see him, and what would there impression be?

* Agimat = said to be a "lucky charm" of sorts, said to have magical powers that can protect the bearer from monsters, etc.

Tags: !logs, ~first person
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