Universal High School Moderator (libertymod) wrote in universal_high,
Universal High School Moderator

[ Mod Note ]

Please be noted that the April 1st is tomorrow. I will decide sometime tonight whether to keep it AU or change it to Nation-tan as the poll showed not much help.

Also be noted that any players that were removed have until the end of tonight to reclaim their character. After that any character not taken will be open for reserving and applying for.

I will commence with advertising at hetalia and nation_slash sometime tomorrow as well. If you know of other sites I should advertise at please tell me.

But officially tomorrow I expect to see people active. That means the one post per week and participating in events. It's also good to see people start up logs whether on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, IRC, or here on LJ. Grab other players if you want to do something or just start something randomly. Don't be afraid.

Lovino-mod Out~
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