Universal High School Moderator (libertymod) wrote in universal_high,
Universal High School Moderator

[ Mod Note ]

Alright. The AC is now closed. You should see a poll posted soon over at the OoC journal on whether to keep it AU or Nation (which will be up until Friday).

Right now I will be doing the delicate process of updating the pages and deleting people. If you are someone who is kicked and missed the AC you may request to take back the character. Of course you will only have until April 1st and if you miss another AC or become inactive without notice for a period of 2 weeks or longer you will be automatically dropped.

I will also be setting the Applications as screened again. The reason for this is that though it is good to have references to other applications I don't want people basing one another off of them. There are times where someone can spend weeks on an application and it'll look great but the character when playing may be horrible and vice versa on quick applications. So I'll be screening those applications again.

There might be some other changes as well, but I will be working on those at the side.

For now everyone please enjoy themselves!
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