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[ Activity Check ]

Good Evening/Morning everyone!

Here’s a long awaited Activity Check. Due to the community being so dead I’m going to pretty much kick anyone who doesn’t reply. Some hiatus’ people may get leniency depending on when they went on hiatus or not.

Now I’m not really dead and I’m hoping to get this community going again. To do this I’d like you to vote/add your suggestions to a few things below. Basically I’m having you to vote upon whether to keep the community the same (just do a little spring cleaning and re-advertise) or perhaps start anew with a similar, but slightly different plot idea.

I will also be implementing a few new rules. Two such rules to keep in mind right away is (depending on voting results) that hiatus’ will only be 30 days and no longer in length or else wise you are dropped. Another is that I’ll be becoming a bit stricter on OC’s and number of characters being played. A maximum if three characters will be allowed with the limit being 1 OC and 2 (possibly 3) Canon. Because of this those with more than one OC that wish to stay will be requested to only choose one of their OC’s to stay. This was a problem in the past and I plan to rectify it.

Also. Please be noted that if you do take a hiatus it is suggested that you make sure it’s for true. It is understandable to take a week or two off to reorganize thoughts, but still be active on the internet. But it isn’t very good to take a hiatus for longer than that and be active in other communities (especially of similar origin). If caught doing such things you may be questioned on your activity and possibly dropped. It is unfair to the players and possible appliers to hold up a character if you do not plan to properly play them.

Okay. Enough on that. This AC will last from Monday, March 16 until Saturday, March 21. Within that time I would like people to please reply here with an account about whether they are basically active (or even hiatus), but still interested in playing in the community. Along with that please also reply with your vote on the following:

1. Keep it as an AU with the nations as normal humans.
2. Change it so that the nations are nations in a High School realm.
3. Turn it into a School type DR. Elementary-College level will be playable.

When it comes to the DR idea you will be allowed to play as genderbend, child, adult, etc. Now what I could also add if you wish is that if you choose option 1 or 2 you may be allowed to play your characters as genderbend, child, adult, etc. if wanted if you wish (probably vote if you want to allow this). These threads will just be more or less for fun and will be considered kind of separate from the normal roleplay unless you wish to some how link them.

Finally if you have any suggestions of other things you’d like to see changed please tell me. If you do not wish to be known please put them over at the suggestion box.

Thank you,
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