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5/14/09 12:44 pm - libertymod

One of the new extremely self-proclaimed mods here. Not gonna say who I am. I was simply sort of responsible for adjusting/fixing things at the Libertymod account and stuff if anything. What nearly gave me and a few others a heart attack was that Lovimod deleted this account as well as the communities. I understand her position but that's no reason to erase them without notice and I quickly restored the accounts (I'm sorry Lovimod).

Been talking to her and I'm going to take part in restoring this community for the summer when everyone has a lot more free time. There may or may not be a complete overhaul or change of things. There may be some cleaning/clearing of age old threads as well. I understand that this community has been struggling for the past four or five months but let's try something that does not involve a funeral. To anyone who's wondering, no RPers have been removed. Just be sure to check out this list to make sure your nation is listed there. If not, send us a message! If anyone is confused or needs help with the new AU to Nation History switch, I'll be more than willing to help.

Later there might be a mass mod message sent to everyone about general details. There are people who don't check the Cybernight or UH community until very last minute or when it's too late so keep an eye out.

Let's see to this revival, guys!

*PS: I'm posting this at both the UH and Cybernight comms so don't be freaked out if you're seeing identical entries.

5/6/09 02:17 pm - hateforeigners - Happy Birthday!


mansae && hateforeigners
What: Switzerland brings SKorea chocolate.
When: Korea's birthday.
Where Korea's dorm- West Wing, First Floor, Room 100.
Warnings: ..Gun use?

Stupid, stupid Im Yong SooCollapse )

4/9/09 12:15 am - karaoke_tiem - Warning: Incoming n00b

Who: karaoke_tiem &&, whoever wants to be friends with Philippines? :3
What: Wandering aimlessly where one should be going. Late for class, and the like.
When: Present time.
Where: In the middle of the road somewhere in school, walking in circles.
Warnings: n00bness. Yey.

[And so, Juan has (finally) arrived, carrying his pile of bags, family mementos, agimat*, guitar, karaoke set... you get the point. He came late, missing the morning rites, and so forth. In an attempt to not embarrass himself because of his tardiness on his first day, he decides to wait, hoping someone might see him.

Due to boredom, he starts singing.]

Who will see him, and what would there impression be?

* Agimat = said to be a "lucky charm" of sorts, said to have magical powers that can protect the bearer from monsters, etc.


4/7/09 03:58 am - mapleterre - The Things You Find While Walking

Who: mapleterre, notlittlerussia, and whoever wants to bump into Canada.
*peter_kirkland added!
What: Wandering school grounds, prefect/discipline committee work. The usual.
When: Present time.
Where: Anywhere on school grounds you like!
Warnings: First person, cause the coin flip said so! Thread intro isn't very first per though.

[Matthew roamed the halls, with no bear in his arms, on one of his routine walks to make sure no one was causing trouble and helping those who needed assistance. The air was cool, and the sun's rays were at such warm temperature that he felt like taking a nap. But he can't!... maybe another time... But for now, he had to continue on with his duties.]

Cut for Ukraine Thread SegmentCollapse )


4/6/09 07:24 pm - italiamacino - [ Mod Note ]

Okay, I'm lazy to switch accounts so deal.


Ads go out tomorrow.
New posts will be posted up between today and tomorrow.
Posts will include class details, committee/club details, available Nation-tans, etc.

Also, finally decided that all characters will be Nation-tans now. But don't worry! You won't have to re-put your apps or anything like that.

Basically the only difference in apps is that the History section now will be written as though as a background of the nation as a country instead of a human. Many already have done this in the past so I figured it'd be fine. It also gives me a better idea how well someone knows the nation they're applying for.

The plot now is basically the Nations are undercover at a special school that deals with Foreign Relations to better the world. Humans will be attending this school (though they aren't playable characters). So most nations will already know one another based on past history. Hopefully this will help in communication between characters.

I'll make sure to fine tune some things by tomorrow for you all. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. <3

3/31/09 05:28 pm - libertymod - [ Mod Note ]

Please be noted that the April 1st is tomorrow. I will decide sometime tonight whether to keep it AU or change it to Nation-tan as the poll showed not much help.

Also be noted that any players that were removed have until the end of tonight to reclaim their character. After that any character not taken will be open for reserving and applying for.

I will commence with advertising at hetalia and nation_slash sometime tomorrow as well. If you know of other sites I should advertise at please tell me.

But officially tomorrow I expect to see people active. That means the one post per week and participating in events. It's also good to see people start up logs whether on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, IRC, or here on LJ. Grab other players if you want to do something or just start something randomly. Don't be afraid.

Lovino-mod Out~

3/23/09 12:37 am - libertymod - [ Mod Note ]

Alright. The AC is now closed. You should see a poll posted soon over at the OoC journal on whether to keep it AU or Nation (which will be up until Friday).

Right now I will be doing the delicate process of updating the pages and deleting people. If you are someone who is kicked and missed the AC you may request to take back the character. Of course you will only have until April 1st and if you miss another AC or become inactive without notice for a period of 2 weeks or longer you will be automatically dropped.

I will also be setting the Applications as screened again. The reason for this is that though it is good to have references to other applications I don't want people basing one another off of them. There are times where someone can spend weeks on an application and it'll look great but the character when playing may be horrible and vice versa on quick applications. So I'll be screening those applications again.

There might be some other changes as well, but I will be working on those at the side.

For now everyone please enjoy themselves!

3/21/09 08:24 pm - libertymod - [ Mod Note ]

Just a brief reminder that the AC ends tonight at midnight. All people who do not reply to it will be dropped minus a few people who went on hiatus in the last two weeks and have posted/informed me of it.

If you know of people who still have interest but have not noticed the AC it is advised to inform them that they may be dropped without notice if they do not reply.

After the AC I will be putting up a poll to decide whether to go Nation or stay AU. That will last about 5 days and then by April 1st things should be fully updated and organized.

Have a pleasant day~

3/16/09 09:51 pm - libertymod - [ Activity Check ]

Good Evening/Morning everyone!

Here’s a long awaited Activity Check. Due to the community being so dead I’m going to pretty much kick anyone who doesn’t reply. Some hiatus’ people may get leniency depending on when they went on hiatus or not.

Now I’m not really dead and I’m hoping to get this community going again. To do this I’d like you to vote/add your suggestions to a few things below. Basically I’m having you to vote upon whether to keep the community the same (just do a little spring cleaning and re-advertise) or perhaps start anew with a similar, but slightly different plot idea.

I will also be implementing a few new rules. Two such rules to keep in mind right away is (depending on voting results) that hiatus’ will only be 30 days and no longer in length or else wise you are dropped. Another is that I’ll be becoming a bit stricter on OC’s and number of characters being played. A maximum if three characters will be allowed with the limit being 1 OC and 2 (possibly 3) Canon. Because of this those with more than one OC that wish to stay will be requested to only choose one of their OC’s to stay. This was a problem in the past and I plan to rectify it.

Also. Please be noted that if you do take a hiatus it is suggested that you make sure it’s for true. It is understandable to take a week or two off to reorganize thoughts, but still be active on the internet. But it isn’t very good to take a hiatus for longer than that and be active in other communities (especially of similar origin). If caught doing such things you may be questioned on your activity and possibly dropped. It is unfair to the players and possible appliers to hold up a character if you do not plan to properly play them.

Okay. Enough on that. This AC will last from Monday, March 16 until Saturday, March 21. Within that time I would like people to please reply here with an account about whether they are basically active (or even hiatus), but still interested in playing in the community. Along with that please also reply with your vote on the following:

1. Keep it as an AU with the nations as normal humans.
2. Change it so that the nations are nations in a High School realm.
3. Turn it into a School type DR. Elementary-College level will be playable.

When it comes to the DR idea you will be allowed to play as genderbend, child, adult, etc. Now what I could also add if you wish is that if you choose option 1 or 2 you may be allowed to play your characters as genderbend, child, adult, etc. if wanted if you wish (probably vote if you want to allow this). These threads will just be more or less for fun and will be considered kind of separate from the normal roleplay unless you wish to some how link them.

Finally if you have any suggestions of other things you’d like to see changed please tell me. If you do not wish to be known please put them over at the suggestion box.

Thank you,

3/4/09 07:47 pm - libertymod - [ Mod Note ]

I totally didn't die I promise! This mod is greatly sorry as she has been a bit exhausted lately from work and the like. But I'm working on getting things going. Applications will be open up again as of tomorrow and I'll be updating everything so that those who have left are removed properly.

So expect some updates. New Event is up. This one is basically a themed event so that people can create logs to have fun with! So hope you guys like it. <3

That's all for now. Will do a proper post later. <3
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